Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Mr. Kevin Spears...DUMPED!

So it's finally over! Two years of chaos and really bad tabloid news wrapped around the Mrs and Mr. Spears controversy has finally begun to look up. Last night, Brit filed for divorce from her pimp cup toting joke of a husband, only one day after K-Fed gave a speech in Toronto about his wife's support during his even bigger joke of a music "career". He wasn't in Toronto just for parties and pimpin', he was actually there to promote his album. As if the Canadians would welcome him any more than the Americans did. Federline's music career is about as big a floof as this whole marriage ordeal. And poor Britney is left single, with her reputation scarred (you've seen the photos, the video on youtube, and the tv show), and she's got two kids by the biggest loser in the USA. I wonder what Shar's thinking... how about "I told ya so.."
She's on her way to a comeback tho, back on the road to being america's favorite again. She made a surprise appearance on Letterman Monday night, where the world got to see Ms. Spears slimmed down, with becoming make-up and a very nice and much needed hair cut. She looked great, sort of what every one has been waiting for her to do these last two years. She let herself GO after Sean Preston, but now she's let Go of her no good baby's daddy, and only two months after giving birth to Jayden James, she looks great. I'm sure she won't have much trouble getting full custody of the kids, any judge who watches tv will assume that Federline's not fit. He's a mooch, and America is so glad that their favorite pop icon kicked him to the curb. I hope she borrowed Jessica's boots when she did it.

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Welcome Back, Miss Houston.

She looks great! Apparently divorce in Whitney's case has some very good side effects. But knowing the person she divorced, and her past with him, divorce could only have good side effects. IT'S ABOUT TIME!

We saw Houston arm in arm with producer and long time friend, Clive Davis, last sunday and he payed great tribute to her, while iforming us all that there will be a comeback album for the star.

It really is good to see so much good finally come out of mountains of controversy.

Monday, October 30, 2006

Jury Duty: A Big Deal?

Since when does jury duty get glory? Since someone spotted Desperate Houswives star Eva Longoria doing it. What is the world coming to? I don't understand why this made the top story on She was doing her civic duty, and she just so happened to look good while doing it. Uh, that's nice, but it's far from news. Even for celeb gossip addicts. Surely Madonna's new adopted son being spotted with a kabbalah bracelet is way more interesting than Jury Duty. Unless some rap star/ convicted felon is serving on the jury, I don't think this needs to be reported.

In other news, Reese Witherspoon and Ryan Phillippe are not calling it quits, but they are separated. Unlike most hollywood marriages, they are trying to work on and mend their seven year union. It's good to see that they realize they aren't super heroes just because they're celebrities, and that lifes normal problems apply to them as well. Good for them, and good luck. Hopefully it won't end in a divorce, as seems to be the booming trend these days.

Friday, October 27, 2006

Paris and Nicole: The Controversy Continues...

So, how long has it been since Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie called it quits on their high profile friendship? I'm almost positive that it's been long enough for people to realize that they don't really have much to do with each other anymore. And, Ms. Richie and Ms. Hilton seem to have formed bonds with other people as friends. I guess I'm wondering why, when statements where made about Richie checking into a hospital because of her recently infamous health issues, was Hilton bombarded by paparazzi. On the night Richie checked in, of all the Girls Gone Wild socialites, Hilton got the most press. Ok, people, give it up. They aren't an item anymore. Paparrazi should know by now that they aren't going to get any real, well thought out, informative comments from Hilton on Richie anymore.So, instead of following Hilton around to find out more info on Richie, how about bombarding some other ex in her more recent skeletal closet... I don't know Brody Jenner's or DJ AM's cell numbers, but I'm sure you could find your way into Lindsay Lohan's sidekick 3 and give them a call some time.

On Richie's health matters, Nicole Richie has checked herself into a "diagnostic treatment program" in order to find out why she can't put on any weight, according to new reports. Richie's publicist Nicole Perna tells the publication, "It is important to Nicole that she achieves this goal (to gain weight) in a healthy way." Richie made the decision to check into the treatment center after spending months with a nutritionist and a therapist, trying to get to grips with her weight issue.

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

L&O SVU kills E. Hasselbeck

As we all know, Law & Order is notorius for showing stories starring characters that "have nothing to do" with real life celebrities. Often times the general public wonders, are they doing this on purpose, but some times we know for a fact. Like the case of Britney and Kevin Spears. Everyone knew that episode was based on them, it had so much tabloid research put into the characters you almost thought they guest appeared in the role themselves. But though there was a lot of buzz over that show, there didn't seem to be a ton of controversy, after all, it was all tabloid true... However, L&O may have gone a little too far with their Elizabeth Hassenback character (of course she has nothing at all to do with View co-host Elisabeth Hasselbeck). Unlike the Mr. & Mrs. Spears sketch-like episode, they actually had this character raped twice and then murdered. As if two rapings wasn't all the proof she needed to know that some, well maybe most of the folks over at L&O SVU "hate her stinkin' guts". And they didn't even try to say that it wasn't based on her... which may be the saddest part. The whole episode was like a big fat "TAKE THAT" to the daytime smarty pants.
Perhaps celebrities, A and D list alike, could learn something from this. If your public doesn't like you, or you do something publicly idiotic, not only will they make fun of you on MAD TV, but they'll also air hate episodes ond L&O.